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I somewhat believe in Karma…. The concept that if you are a good person, life will eventually reward you as such. With this in mind, I believe that I am a good person, who strives to do “the right thing” as much as possible. This being said, I have never selflessly (meaning without getting some benefit someway – like building your high school resume to get into college) devoted my time to charity.

This post isn’t to announce my personal foray into volunteerism, however, it’s to give props to those that have….

Last night I attended a fundraiser of Rich in Love, which is a new organization devoted to raising money for Cancer research. You should spend 5 minutes reading their story on the site if you can, but the gist is that 2 best friends (Hallie RICH and Allison LOVE) grew up together with their families being super-close – and both fathers have been diagnosed with Cancer (one of them having passed away).

Last night was their first event, and it was extremely heart-warming to see the execution of a great event (with a great turn-out). Amy and I joined a slew of friends and family of Hallie and Allison – who helped raise almost $60,000 for the American Cancer Society. I don’t think that the $60K alone is going to cure cancer, but I do think this millions of acts like this are the right thing to do....I was beyond impressed with the effort and result of the organization. Congrats to all involved!

Side note: Amy and I went on behalf of the entire Goffin family. As my father and Mel Rich are long-time friends, he insisted to on donating to the cause and "sponsoring" Amy and my attendance and raffle tickets…

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