"Employees Must Wash Hands"

Does this sign in various restrooms of eating establishments trouble everyone as much as it troubles me? It feels like a total Seinfeld rip-off, but I can't help it....

Why REALLY is this sign posted in bathrooms?
Do employees in the service and food industry really need to be reminded to wash their hands after using the restroom? ("I don't normally wash my hands, but the sign says I have to so... what the heck")


Is it really there to give confidence to paying customers? (You know - in case there was any doubt before you entered the bathroom ... rest assured ... there is a SIGN - so that must mean hands ARE being washed by employees before returning to work.)

It turns out -- that employees failing to wash their hands after going to the bathroom is a federal (and state) healthcode violation. Problem is -- there really is no way to track and enforce this. SO ... I'm assuming that brilliant people somewhere decided ... "Why don't we make sure that restaurants are mandated to hang this sign in bathrooms. Once every 6 years, we'll send someone to random restaurants and fine those that don't have the sign in the bathroom...That way, it will APPEAR that we are tracking and enforcing the healthcode violation."

Anyway - I felt the need to point this out as everytime I see it in restrooms it irks me. I feel vented.

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