A New Role at Google

Two weeks ago I passed the 6 year mark for working at Google. Over those 6 years I've really enjoyed what I did on the day-to-day. I would joke that it was "Retail Sales Strategery" - but it really was an amazing sales and marketing job. In the role - I was viewed more as an individual contributor who was an expert on particular topics that various advertisers were interested in learning "best practices" on ...

With that experience under my belt, it is time for me to do something a little different (where I can leverage the last 6 years), yet I still think Google is the best company in the world to work for - so - I'm really psyched to continue working at Google - but having a different job.

Starting in about 2 weeks - my new official title will be "Head of Industry, Retail" where I'll lead a team of 7-10 people who call-on and service some of the top retailer advertisers on the east coast. I'm really inspiring to become a great "people manager" and doing my part to attain our team goals.

Starting a new job is always exciting - and given that I'm doing so with the same company I truly believe in - I'm really looking forward to it...


DirectTV vs. Cable -- Need Advice

As football season approaches ... I've got an interesting decision to make.
In our new apartment - I'll be able to set-up a DirectTV satellite dish. In NYC - I've only ever known the Time Warner monopoly... I am pretty sure cost is about the same for both....

At this point - in terms of the "PRO'S" to keep Time Warner - I could only come up with a few:
  • It's done. No more appointments, etc.
  • My phone, Internet, and TV/Cable is from one provider - one bill.
  • NY1
The PRO'S to change to DirectTV:
  • NFL Package/NFL Network
  • I don't have to deal with TimeWarner
  • Tons of HD options
  • Did I mention The NFL Package?
In terms of the CON'S for Time Warner - let's just say that I've hated them for 10+ years - so we can move on...Cons for DirectTV are:
  • Internet comes from another provider and is "Satellite internet" - I'm a little sketched about it.
  • Is the DirectTV connection/service in NYC gonna be clear given all the large buildings?
  • Is Amy gonna be able to figure out the new DirectTV controls, etc? ;)
I'm looking for advice people .... Thoughts?