Boys and Girls - it's about that time when I use this blog as a shameless plus mechanism.

My wife and I are looking to rent out our 1 Bedroom, 725 Sq Ft apartment on 28th and Park in Manhattan.  It's an amazing home - and is perfect for a couple or someone looking for additional space.  

If you - or someone you know is interested - please check out the webpage we created for the apartment.  Thanks!!


Wolverines Going Dancing!

As many readers know - I am a guy who likes to dance (to the right music).

My alma mater hasn't gone "dancing" (been invited to the NCAA Tournament) since I was there. So it was great watching the selection show (online - as I took a train to Boston) - and see that Michigan is in the tournament... "We" play Clemson in round 1 - and I'm hopeful for a first round win - but even if not - it is great to finally get invited after 11 years of not.

Hats off to Coach Beilein - who only after his 2nd season got us to the dance. While Manny Harris gets a lot of the media hype - DeShawn Sims is the real engine to success for the Wolverines (Both are top 10 scoring an rebounding in the Big Ten).

I've enjoyed watching the team play this season - and they seem to rise up for big games. I'm not a fan of how Coach Beilen plays 10 in the rotation, but I guess he wants guys fresh in his 1-3-1 defensive scheme...

That's it -- had been a while since I had a Sports post and will try not and make it so long next time... GO BLUE!


My First Surgery

I had my first ever surgery on Monday.

It was fairly minor - but given that it was my first time going to a hospital, "going under," being cut and waking up patched up - I thought it was worthy of sharing...

First - why did I need surgery? Well, some months ago - my wife noticed a golf-ball sized bump on my back. I figured it was a boxing bruise of some kind that was taking a while to heal ... After a few weeks (and having a physical therapist verify I should get it checked out) - I went to a doctor who said he was pretty sure it was Lipoma (a collection of fatty cells), but that I should go to a specialist to get further instructions.

After waiting a month to get an appointment, within 10 minutes of seeing the doctor, I pretty much had surgery scheduled to get it removed. Of course after I scheduled it - I had a million questions from everyone: (Why couldn't they just Biopsy it?, Should I get a second opinion, etc)

Basically - I was satisfied with the doctors rationale - which was:
1) The Lipoma was bigger than usual and less mobile than usual - which didn't have the doctors overly concerned - but they basically said that if I was their brother - they'd advise it come out soon.
2) I'd need to take it out regardless - Lipoma isn't overly concerning - but do I really want a golf-ball sized lump in my back? There was also a chance it burst if it stayed in...
3) I'm on the younger side - so might as well get surgery now rather than when I'm older and it's more dangerous.

So - I got it done.

Given that it was my first time - I was a little nervous - but I could intellectualize that this was an extremely minor surgery. This said, when I was being walked into the operating room - and I laid down on the cold silver slab and looked up at the bright lights, being surrounded by 6 people in blue pajamas and masks - I definitely felt "exposed" and nervous. Here I was, voluntarily putting my body up for the slicing enjoyment of people I didn't know all that well - but am forced to trust given their profession. It freaked me out for like 30 seconds - and then the IV sleep-aid kicked in.

I woke up as I was being wheeled to the "recovery" area. Nurses were very nice - but I never spoke to the actual doctor who cut me and sewed me back together (Kinda felt like a piece of meat). My wife picked me up - and I walked out of the hospital totally cognisant of my surroundings...

I've been a little sore the past few days - but for the most part I'm feeling good. I go back next week to get the "pathology" of the Lipoma and for the doc to check on the wound/stitches.
I'll keep y'all posted if anything is newsworthy...


Being "Bleeding Edge" Sucks

I'm at a conference today - and was having a generic conversation about business/technology with someone - and thought about an interesting misconception about business and timing...

There is this thought process among entrepreneurs that if they are THE FIRST to think of something that success is largely correlated to that fact alone... I don't think anything could be farther from the truth. I think there are huge disadvantages to being FIRST these days. Business moves at such a fast pace, that "first mover advantage" is not what it once meant. It is now something other companies leverage to capitalize on what not to do vs. what to do.

Being first makes you the guinea pig. Being first means that the odds are way against you to get it right off the bat. Being first is expensive. Being first makes you an evangelist of a future competitors success. Bottom-line - this concept was learned when we were all 6 years old ... First is the worst -- Second is the best! ;)

Was the iPod the first MP3 player (or for that matter - was iTunes the first online music store/organizer)? Was Google the first Search Engine? Was Youtube the first video sharing site? Was Facebook the first social network? (I can go on and on) Oh, and by the way, The Snuggie wasn't the first (or definitely last) blanket with sleeves....

What you notice, though, is that all these example are from recent business successes. The gentleman I was speaking with earlier today is in the mobile space (and he's the one who said "being on the bleeding edge sucks") - a GREAT example of an industry that has a handful of people trying to figure it out - while others are waiting on the sideline because they know it's bound to explode -- they just want to gain the 2009 benefit of the "second mover advantage"

How do you protect against this? (I have no idea!) Patents take way too much time and are easily overcome with slight modifications ... Legal action is too expensive - and nothing entrepreneurs can sustain ...

What's my point in all of this? Am I trying to dissuade people from being cutting-edge with their thought processes ? Not at all -- I just thought it was an interesting shift and the alternative to perceived common sense. People should continue to follow their passions - because that will lead to success.

Whether or not you think of an original idea or innovate on someone else's -- Any successful business person I've heard from says - it comes down to passion (which insinuates "hard work" as well), met with timing met with luck ... And my point of this post is that the "timing" piece definitely doesn't have to be first, especially today...