Jake Long - The Fins #1 Pick

The Dolphins have had been slotted with the number 1 draft pick for what seems like last years draft. I have actually been saying that Jake Long will be the first pick in the 2008 draft for longer than that - so for him to be going to my favorite NFL franchise - is a great thing.

There have been a lot of changes within the Dolphin organization over the past few months, and I'm beginning to believe in long-term Dolphin success (my prediction is that they'll win 6+ games in 2008). The last time the Dolphins were successful (a run of 6 consecutive play-off appearances), they had Dan Marino. What common football fans leave out, however, was that it was also the last time that the team had a pro-bowl offensive lineman (Two actually ... Richmond Webb and Keith Simms).

Securing Jake Long was the best choice - period. I've watched over 95% of the games that Jake Long played in college, and I can tell you that he's a monster, super-stud offensive lineman. None of the other players available are sure-things, and J. Long is undoubtedly the closest thing within the 2008 draft class as such.

The Fins have a plethora of early round picks to secure Linebackers, Defensive Lineman and other pieces. (I'm hoping we take Mario Manningham with the #32 overall pick, but not sure that's gonna happen)

I'm thrilled we signed him. I'm really happy the announcement came early. I genuinely believe it's the right choice - and I think Dol-Fans around the country should be pumped.

(Why do a post like this? Well -- Blogs are pseudo documents of history. Should Jake Long by a bust -- I'm on record saying I think it was a good move. No one would be able to say otherwise. And I think that's pretty cool)


Two New (and interesting) Blogs

Two good friends launched blogs recently and I wanted to promote them because I think they're both really good...
  • Greg March launched a blog about Ads, Sports and Technologies (oh - and "giggles" but I thought it was way too weenie to include in a "promotion" of sort). Greg is a very good writer, a very funny guy, and fairly insightful as well.
  • Another buddy (who desires to be anonymous) launched a 2008 NBA play-off blog. He is also a good writer (although - I never knew that until the blog) and is beyond passionate about the NBA. If there has been an NBA play-offs to follow in the last 15 years -- this year is it! Great games should be on tap for the next 2 months....and Playbyplayoffs should offer some great commentary...


Third Party Data in the Media Business

This past week, Google reported "better than expected earnings." Just a few weeks ago, a reputable third party data company reported that Google's paid click growth sharply declined from 12% in December to 0% in January and 3% in February...

Well - it turns out that those third party numbers were WAY off (I think Google came out and said click growth was 20%) - and so the market was surprised when Google reported it's numbers...

I geniunely don't have an issue with ComScore. They tried downplaying their numbers when they came out - but Wall Street Analyts felt it was more fun to jump on the "Google is sinking" bandwagen.

My burning issue has nothing to do with Google or ComScore or Wall Street Analysts. Well, it sort of does, but not directly. You see, in the Television market - for decades - Neilsen Ratings is THE third-party barameter of television viewership. It is the source of information that values and compensates television networks. It is the deciding factor if a television production is successful. They SWEAR - much like ComScore swears - that their data is accurate given statstical modeling...

I have a HUGE issue with this. I think I've blogged about this several times -- and will continue to do so. The cable companies have the REAL data, but for some reason - they don't release it. In the online model -- Google had the real numbers -- released it -- and proved that 3rd party data can (and probably is) way off base.

In the online world - the value and accounting of billions of dollars isn't based off the third party data, however... In the TV and Radio and Print worlds .... THEY ARE! Why are companies so scared to release the real data?

When will it change????? I have no idea...but it drives me nuts!


Healthy Food at Airports?

I'm still in the middle of my work-travel stretch, so here's another travel-related post...

Do Airports ban healthy food? Seriously. I'm not the worlds healthiest eater, but I'm in the middle of being fairly successful at going to the gym at least 3 times a week. When you're like me - and you geniunely don't enjoy the act of running on the treadmill but do it anyway ... I think it gives some motivation to somewhat watch what you eat. Otherwise - kinda silly to torture yourself 3 times a week - right?

Anyway - when I travel - I find it very difficult to eat healthy - ESPECIALLY when you have a meal a day at the airport. There is nothing healthy at fast food joints or the microwave pizza places...Seriously - NOTHING.

Here's a business idea for someone... Develop a health-conscious chain for airports. Start in body conscious cities like LA, New York, Detroit(just kidding), and Fort Lauderdale. There is no question in my mind that it would work. While "the average American" probably thinks ordering a Diet Coke with their super-sized meal counter-acts the burger and fries they ordered -- I think there is a size-able market of air-travelers who would be happy to expense an over-priced healthy meal...

If not - does anyone have any good "tricks of the trade" they can share?


My Top 5 Airplane Annoyances

This week is the first of a 7 week stretch that I will be on plane at least twice during the week for work. Given that, I thought I would vent/outline my top 5 biggest annoyances on airplanes. I've avoided the obvious ones like delays, turbulence, flight attendants who hate their jobs, etc....

5. Loud Talkers.
I have found that women friends who sit next to each other are the worst offenders of this. There's "outside voice," "inside voice," and I guess now "airplane voice." Oh, and if the person on the window and aisle know each other and there is someone sitting in the middle - switch seats!
4. The Rush to get on/off the Plane
I've already vented about the people who crowd the boarding area before it's their turn to board, but what I also find rude are the people who don't let the rows in front of them off the plane before they dart down the aisle.
3. The Over-Verbal Pilot
As air travelers, we put our hands in their lives so we are certainly forced to respect the job that all pilots do. I want pilots to focus on the flying, and focus less and the talky-talky. I don't need to know every single town we are going to pass during our route and it doesn't help me to know that we are running out of fuel. Welcome us on the flight - tell us how long it's going to be - tell us to be safe and then tell us when we're about to land. Thank you.
2. Rude People
This can be classified under "the obvious," but there are specific class of rude people on airplanes (these people are often pegged as "New Yorkers"). If you ask someone to switch seats with you - and you have a crappy seat and they have a good seat -- you are rude. If the flight attendants announce that cell phones need to be turned off, or that you need to be seated -- and you think that rules don't apply to you -- you are rude. If you are on the aisle and don't get up when the window seated individual needs to go to the bathroom - you are rude. If you are a man of a somewhat young age - and you don't help an older woman with putting her luggage overhead - you are rude. You get the picture. Rude people suck.
1. Gas Passers
Passing gas in public is rude...passing gas on a plane (more than once - because fine - sometimes it just slips out) should be against the law. Seriously. It's just not nice. Not at all.