Fantasy Football 2010

Quick update / documentation on my 2010 Fantasy Football season ....  As many of you know - I take a great deal of pride in fantasy football - in particular - the league I have been commissioner for the past 13 years (The BigTime).

2010 was a remarkable all around year for my fantasy football efforts.  I was in three leagues:

  • The BigTime (I share the franchise with Colediggy)
  • Funk Air (Wah-Nee league) (I share the franchise with BBBC)
  • "Goodie League" (Goodie is the commissioner - I only joined last year because they needed another team and Colediggy/Salis owned one of the other franchises.
Anyway - In all three leagues - I made it to The Finals in every one!  I am really proud of this and recognize that I sound like a complete geek - but I'm not ashamed to say it.  

The end result:  We won the Funk Air and lost the other two in the finals - but again - still very proud of the overall effort.  I don't know if this will ever happen again which is one of the reasons I'm sharing on my blog... and ... here's a picture of Alexa and Daddy cheering on "The Commission" with T-shirts made by Tuna Glantz: