The Backwards Invite

About a week ago, my girlfriend was venting to me that she received a “backwards invite” to something and that it annoyed her. I listened to what she had to say – and definitely agreed with her side of things. At the same token, I’ve thought about it since and believe that it truly is a catch-22. Here’s what I mean….

For background sake, a “backwards invite” could go as follows:

B’iatch #1: So, what are you doing tonight?

Biatch #2: Going to dinner with Tanesha and Ray Ray.

B’atch #1: Oh – where are you going?

B’atch #2: Where going to John’s Pizzeria…

B’atch #1: Oh…..

B’atch #2: Why, what are you doing?

B’atch #1: I’m not sure yet … kinda wanted to do something similar to that.

B’atch#2: Well – you can come if you want to….

So what do I mean by a catch-22? Well, I understand how B’atch #1 would get annoyed. He/She pretty much had to invite themselves to hang-out with their friends…

At the same token…. (being a somewhat social individual with varying groups of friends)… I understand the quandary of B’iatch #2. Not all people get along and just because 3 different people call someone specific their friend does not mean that the group of 4 is in everyone’s best interest. This is especially true for the one “common denominator” among the group. So selfishly, why should that person have to worry about making sure that everyone gets along? In my life, I have had friends from different worlds not get along…. This certainly is not fun and extremely difficult to manage….Which will ultimately lead to either backwards invites OR no invites at all. So, what do you think? Is it better to give a half-ass invite or not give an invite at all?


Good Times...

No, I'm not talking about the classic 1970's show. I'm talking about a blog post that isn't about COMPLAINING. Feedback from a newbie blog reader inspired me to occasionally avoid writing about things that annoy me, but also to include things that I enjoy. So here goes:

Last Sunday night I went out to dinner with a group of 6 people... It wasn't truly a planned event, just moreso a "hey - you wanna go to dinner tonight" kinda thing...2 girls and 4 guys. We sat outside, shared 3 or 4 boxes of wine (ok - they were "carafes") and just had a really good time. After almost everyone called me the next day to tell me they had a really good time at dinner - it got me thinking a little bit... I have dinner with other people a few times a week - so - what made this dinner a recognizably better time than the other times... Well I think it was a mixture of things:
1) Expectations - It was a Sunday night, low-key, non-hyped-up restaurant... This means that none of us had any preconceived expectations of having a "better time" than usual. When you go to a nice restaurant on a Friday night - there is a certain expectation of having a good time, thus (IMHO) making it more difficult to exceed expectations (This was actually a brief conversation during dinner).
2) Good mixture of peeps - All quality people involved, but I think there was a good mixture of personalities. Previously mentioned newbie blog reader didn't know everyone, but that didn't hold the conversation back from reaching various "comfort levels" around topics. Needless to say "lots of laughs" (That one was for you Salis.)
3) New audience for good stories - I don't know what it is about hearing a story for the 5th time around new people that makes everyone who has heard it before laugh (even harder) again - but it does. (Example - This story is usually a crowd pleaser)
4) Dinner was cheap - Definitely not a big factor, but certainly the cherry on top. When you can get a good buzz and are completely full for less than $25 a person in New York City - that is a plus. Makes you almost feel like a big baller tipping 25%+ and being happy about it...

I guess I can't leave out the fact that I'm getting older. Gone are the days I suppose where you could sum up your amazing evening by "I was fuckin' wasted" and leave it at that... Good peoples, good weather, and (yes) a little alcohol can certainly amount to an amazing evening as well...


Sorry for the rain, my dad is in town..

Sorry for the rain, my dad is in town... Yes, good ol' P to the G is in the NYC - which means it WILL rain at some point this weekend. Although he doesn't like to be associated by this label, *without fail* when he's in town it either rains or snows. His most acclaimed visit would probably be the Nor'easter of 2003. Him and my step-mom were stranded here in NY (and in my apartment) for 2 days longer than they had planned...
So, yes, it does look like the streak will continue. Check the weather (by typing in "weather 10021" into your Google Search box) to see that it should rain tonight...Sorry.