Dolphin Drama

First of all ... It's frustrating enough being a Dol-phan in general since Dan Marino's departure.  The last thing we need is some "housewives of the Miami Offensive Line" drama.  Part of me wonders if the Dolphins weren't playing against an 0-8 team on Monday night football on ESPN if the story would get so much airtime, but I digress....

I don't know all of the details and I'm not sure anyone does yet.  There will be two sides of the story and I don't think people have to pick a single side, but that's what seems to be happening.

The truth is - I'm currently in the middle.  This whole issue seems like it's a high school after school special - which is why I'm torn.  On one hand, bullying anyone is wrong and it sounds like Richie Icognito is just one of those guys that's cool if he's in your inner circle and an absolute dick if not. Those people exist throughout the world -- and yes -- there are a lot more of them who are 17 than who are, say 30.

On the other hand, when you are a professional athlete and 300 pounds - I am not sure the same 'bullying" rules can apply to you.  Jonathan Martin is a Stanford grad - he's gotta have an IQ 5x larger than Richie Icognito.  He shouldn't be able to feel like he has no other options than to just "take it." Either do what every parent tells their 3 year old "USE YOUR WORDS" (to coaches or whomever), rise above it, or break through it.

I think Richie Icognito is a dick - but I also think it's ridiculously lame that Jonathan Martin is portraying himself as a defense-less victim.  He's an NFL player - not a child.

Also - if Jonathan Martin is soft - then the Dolphins shouldn't have drafted him. Which brings me to the only positive thing about this drama ...  That Jeff Ireland should get dragged in the mud!!!  The guy is the worst General Manager in the history of the NFL.  I'm convinced he has naked pictures of the owner or some major dirt on him.  Stephen Ross (a Michigan Man) is smarter than this!!!