Google Lunch

As I haven't had a pro-Google post in a while... I thought I'd quickly show-off a recent article in a food service magazine about the lunch served at Google.

For those that haven't experienced lunch with me at Google - read this to get a sense....
I actually had those peas as part of my lunch today - so the article I suppose is pretty timely.


Sportsline glitch and phone Number

I have been a loyal Sportsline.com power user for the last 10 years. By power user - I mean that I not only consume their products as a fantasy player -- but as a commissioner as well.

Anyway - I wanted to post an issue they've been having with their HELP CENTER (and "ask a question feature" in particular). Basically - every time you try and login - there is a "login loop" that is occurring - where the "Please login page" constantly appears - even after continuously logging in. This is not a browser or operating system issue -- it's an internal problem at Sportsline (now CBS Sports). To fix this call: 1-877-Commish from 8:00am to 8:00pm, EST, Monday thru Friday.

It took me 2 weeks to get this answer. Sportsline does a HORRIBLE job giving out a customer service resource - email or phone number. This is the one major issue I wish they corrected.

Anyhow - just wanted to drop some knowledge for those Sportline commissioners out there...
Fantasy season is only 2 weeks away...


Fake Poker mishap

Yesterday, something upsetting happened to me .... Before I tell you what it is, know that I was surprised at my initial feelings of severe disappointment. Surprised may be the wrong word -- Pathetic is probably better...

Yesterday I sat down on the subway, blackberry in hand ready to continue my quest of "Texas Hold em King 2" dominance. While I clicked my usual way to start the game - an instant feeling of sadness had come over me. For a reason I will never know -- my fake $43 Million had just vanished from the games memory. My only option was to start all over with the starting bank of a measly $5,000.

Please keep in mind, the $43 Million was a product of immeasurable hours on countless subway and bus trips over the last several months (if not year). I guess it's the equivalent of George's (from Seinfeld) Frogger high score staying in tact over the years - and the importance of that to George.

It's a day later - and although I'm over it ... I have yet to start up a new quest. I'm not announcing my retirement from the Texas Hold em' King 2 Tour ... but I think I just need a break...

To fill up the time -- I've been listening to FootballGuys Podcasts on my iPhone. Other than severely eating the battery and the inability to figure out if/how I can fast-forward on my new device -- I love it! I guess nothing can cure a video game disappointment more than the smell of Fantasy Football in the air....


Being Sick Sucks

I typically have the mentality that I'm "a machine." I believe that your state of mind is often dictated by how you think...(If you think you are beaten -- you are...) This said, I can think I'll never get sick forever, but it's bound to happen, and it did. This week I took my 2nd and 3rd sick days at Google in 4 years... After traveling a lot last week, I suppose my body shut down...

Not only was I sick, but Amy apparently got jealous - and became sick herself. 2 sick people under one roof is definitely not a party... Anyhow, our condition forced us to cancel our weekend trip to Florida - where I was scheduled to take part in the WPT Boot Camp (Amy's birthday present to me).

We were able to reschedule for sometime next year - but I didn't think that I would be able to get as much out of it if my head was continuously throbbing as poker pros were instructing me how to play properly.

We're still getting better .... just resting and taking it easy. So ... I guess all I have to say is: Being sick sucks!!