Sportscenter-aholics Anonymous - Not anymore...

It is safe to say that 4 years ago, I watched at least 1 full hour of Sportscenter a day. It has taken quite some time to pull away from my addiction, but thanks to 2 things in particular, I have been able to successfully halt most of my Sportscenter watching :

  1. The invention of Digital Video Recorder (I’m a Tivo loyalist)
  2. Mike Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser from PTI
First, the DVR...This is definitely not the last time I will include my love for the invention in a post, but I believe it is the first. For those of you who don’t have it, GET ON IT! Beyond the reasonable price and ease of use (even my consumer-electronics-challenged father knows how to operate it – sorry PG), my TIVO has truly made my day more complete. It allows for more efficient television watching, which means no “filler”. I’ve learned over the past few years that Sportscenter was just that for me … A time-passer in between TV programs. This is not to say that I didn’t enjoy watching the program, as I certainly would rather watch sports than the Lifetime movie of the week – but now I have a multitude of saved programs to chose from. One of these programs is PTI, which gives me the Sports fix I need in about 22 minutes (thanks again Mr. Tivo).

For those that do not watch the show, PTI is a sports opinion show of 2 Washington Post writers, Mike Milbon and Tony Korheiser. These two guys are old friends and have been compared to an old married couple who bicker about everything. The format is clear and concise with the topics of discussion displayed on the right hand side of the screen - each given a strict time limit. Once that limit is hit, they move on to the next topic, as not to spend too much time on one topic throughout the show. This enables a complete wrap-up of the major sports stories, along with the entertainment value of Sportscenter. Although the show cannot cover everything, I find that the internet can certainly provide the box scores, etc that are missing from PTI.

So that's it. I still appreciate Sportcenter, but I'm no longer an addict. Thank you PTI. Thank you TIVO.


Google Homepage

For those of you who don't follow internet news, you can now customize your Google homepage if you so desire. You can now have the Google search bar, as well as your Gmail account, weather, stocks, and other customized material. Click here and click on "Personalize your homepage" to sign up.

If you need a Gmail address -- email me.


Taxi cab dilemma

I was on a business trip this week in Minneapolis. The last time I was there, the cab that took me to the hotel asked me where his "big tip" was after I paid him-- and he was serious... (think I tipped him $5 on a $25 fare). This time - the cab driver exited the airport without turning on the meter. Which begs the question -- what do you do? Do you strategically wait as long as you can, thus in theory, making your ride less inexpensive? Or do you fess up and tell the guy right away avoiding the conflict that is sure to erupt past the point of no return?

I opted for telling the guy - but only because I believe that cab drivers have a distinct stereo-types - similar to the profession of the "used car salesman," but not exactly... When talking about "fares" they almost always raise their voice and instantly become confrontational...I mean why shouldn't they? The chances of them ever seeing you again (on top of either of you remembering each other) is like 1 in a billion...
So, yes, instead of negotiating the difference or to have the second cab driver in Minneapolis think I was a cheap tipper...I made the comment "is the ride a fixed fare or meter"? Turns out that after I told him he ended up apologizing for 5 minutes, which obviously got annoying - so - I did what anyone would do and put on my headphones of my new XM Satellite Radio...


The Bathroom Attendant

Here in New York City, many bars and restaurants are trying their best to help the economy by employing people to watch you use the facilities and "help you wash your hands." I have never met one person that actually thinks this is a good idea...

First, let's look at it from the consumer's point of view: Sure, people may love the convenience of having a pseudo candy shop waiting for you in the same room you relieved yourself, but other than that - I cannot think of any positive attribute of this so-called job. The incredible pressure to tip the "attendant" merely for supplying you with a hand towel makes it so uncomfortable that sometimes one may just avoid washing his/her hands altogether - which - in it's own right makes the world a much worse place.

Now, from the actual employee's standpoint: I mean, is there really a job that is lower on the totem pole? Confined to a room in which the entire purpose is to host and then dispose of human extrament seems more like a method of torture rather than a way to earn money. Furthermore, the only interaction you have while in that hell hole is either with slurring, drunkin fools or people who are trying to avoid you. If you can seriously think of a less desirable job - please elaborate in the comments below.

And finally, from the employer's point of view: Do these people actually believe that costumers value these services? Can they seriously not think of a more valuable way to dedicate resources towards? And what is the job description and interview process like? "Um...stand there for a few minutes, I'm gonna fart constantly, and I'd like to see how you react..." In all seriousness, a few months back there was some "industry controversy" over the way employers compensated these folks. This article explains that some owners were literally pimping out their restrooms to bathroom attendants...I mean - is the market in that much demand?

I don't get it - and I don't think I ever will. There are certain services out there, which may or may not seem like such an extreme inconvenience - such as valeting your car, serving your meal, or setting up chairs on the beach at a resort - but, I truly don't mind someone making a living that way (I've actually worked as all of those, personally). When it comes to washing my hands after using the restroom, however, please just leave me alone.


Congrats DooDoo and Jamie

Quick shot out to Doo Doo Brown and his new wife Jamie! They got married this past weekend in New Jersey. The wedding was a blast with a great mix of cool peeps and the "happy-family" vibe. (both have large family's and Jamie's family is known to be rival's with Swiss Family Robinson). Much love among everyone, except for maybe the guy who completely thought he was Bruce Springstein/Mic Jagger combo while on 4 hits of speed...

Highlights of the night were:
a) Great band - which played several crowd pleasers. Even I was dancing to the non-hip-hop...The one tease of the band was that the guy singer (big black guy) kept saying "Remix, Remix, Remix" after every song - which got me thinking there was gonna be a hip-hop jam coming up next... but it didn't happen.
b) Great peeps - Between Scotty Marks, Andrew Fried, and Greg March - I had my fill of drunken entertainment and laughs.
c) Not having to baby-sit Colediggy. Colediggy likes to think he could be a professional wedding dancer ... And all this leads to is him getting quite intoxicated, while scaring 16 year old girls like the first time watching Michael Jackson's Thriller video...It was good to not have to see the pathetic display for once.

All in all - Amy and I both had a great time.
Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Doo Doo Brown.


The Fattening Salad

Living in New York City, I've often got a front-row seat to many hot new trends. Obviously not all trends start here - for example - current trend of "Poker" or the beyond annoying previous trend of trucker-hats were both started somewhere else. However, one trend I have witnessed come of age recently was the "Fattening Salad." Eating healthy isn't anything drastically new, however, the PERCEPTION of eating healthy is...

And...I am certainly a culprit. Whether it's the "fixins" such as cheese, bacon, or avocado or the dressing alone - plenty of salads are NOT ideal in almost all diet scenarios. Yet, when your friend/significant other asks you "what did you have for lunch today?," there is something satisfying about saying "a salad." No questions asked - the belief is that you ate healthy that day, yet in reality, you probably had more calories and fat than if you would have had if you ate a burger... (I have no idea if this is true, but it sounds good).

So, check out the menu's of many of your favorite restaurants and you will find plenty fattening salad options. Especially with summer approaching this trend is clearly in full swing. Keep you eyes out for it - and beware of the mirage...

Side note and start to a future post: I firmly believe that a salad is always better when it's "chopped." I don't know why ... it just is.