Sportscenter-aholics Anonymous - Not anymore...

It is safe to say that 4 years ago, I watched at least 1 full hour of Sportscenter a day. It has taken quite some time to pull away from my addiction, but thanks to 2 things in particular, I have been able to successfully halt most of my Sportscenter watching :

  1. The invention of Digital Video Recorder (I’m a Tivo loyalist)
  2. Mike Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser from PTI
First, the DVR...This is definitely not the last time I will include my love for the invention in a post, but I believe it is the first. For those of you who don’t have it, GET ON IT! Beyond the reasonable price and ease of use (even my consumer-electronics-challenged father knows how to operate it – sorry PG), my TIVO has truly made my day more complete. It allows for more efficient television watching, which means no “filler”. I’ve learned over the past few years that Sportscenter was just that for me … A time-passer in between TV programs. This is not to say that I didn’t enjoy watching the program, as I certainly would rather watch sports than the Lifetime movie of the week – but now I have a multitude of saved programs to chose from. One of these programs is PTI, which gives me the Sports fix I need in about 22 minutes (thanks again Mr. Tivo).

For those that do not watch the show, PTI is a sports opinion show of 2 Washington Post writers, Mike Milbon and Tony Korheiser. These two guys are old friends and have been compared to an old married couple who bicker about everything. The format is clear and concise with the topics of discussion displayed on the right hand side of the screen - each given a strict time limit. Once that limit is hit, they move on to the next topic, as not to spend too much time on one topic throughout the show. This enables a complete wrap-up of the major sports stories, along with the entertainment value of Sportscenter. Although the show cannot cover everything, I find that the internet can certainly provide the box scores, etc that are missing from PTI.

So that's it. I still appreciate Sportcenter, but I'm no longer an addict. Thank you PTI. Thank you TIVO.

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