Congrats DooDoo and Jamie

Quick shot out to Doo Doo Brown and his new wife Jamie! They got married this past weekend in New Jersey. The wedding was a blast with a great mix of cool peeps and the "happy-family" vibe. (both have large family's and Jamie's family is known to be rival's with Swiss Family Robinson). Much love among everyone, except for maybe the guy who completely thought he was Bruce Springstein/Mic Jagger combo while on 4 hits of speed...

Highlights of the night were:
a) Great band - which played several crowd pleasers. Even I was dancing to the non-hip-hop...The one tease of the band was that the guy singer (big black guy) kept saying "Remix, Remix, Remix" after every song - which got me thinking there was gonna be a hip-hop jam coming up next... but it didn't happen.
b) Great peeps - Between Scotty Marks, Andrew Fried, and Greg March - I had my fill of drunken entertainment and laughs.
c) Not having to baby-sit Colediggy. Colediggy likes to think he could be a professional wedding dancer ... And all this leads to is him getting quite intoxicated, while scaring 16 year old girls like the first time watching Michael Jackson's Thriller video...It was good to not have to see the pathetic display for once.

All in all - Amy and I both had a great time.
Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Doo Doo Brown.

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Colediggy said...

Quite the unnecessary cheap shot Mr. Goffin. After all, I'm not the one who was a bar mitzvah dancer in college. I'm the life of the party at every wedding and you know it! Now if you'll excuse me I have a fattening salad to eat.

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