"You want to have your cake and eat it too"

Can someone PLEASE explain to me what this phrase means?! It is not very often that I actually have cake, however, when I do - I always intend to eat it... What other options are there beyond throwing it in the face of someone who says that?

I think next time someone uses that phrase - you should ask them what it means...


Hotlanta on Bid-naz

Since Amy and I are both in media sales, a reciprocal aspect of our jobs is business travel. For the last 2 years, though, we have been unable to coordinate a business trip to the same place… Last week, however, we finally worked it out – and we both had meetings in Atlanta.

The standard business travel perks (i.e above average hotels, meal allowances, etc) definitely are better when I can enjoy them with Amy… We aren’t cheap-asses when we travel together outside of business, but we also don’t book a room at the Ritz on the regular, etc…

It was also nice to be able to grab a drink at the Lobby before going to bed, without feeling like I was either a big loser or an alcoholic….

Regarding the city of Atlanta, it wasn’t my first time there, although it was my first time staying for a couple of days. It seems like a city with a good mix of diversity, friendliness, and business-minded people. I could be wrong – but that was my impression. My other impression is that I couldn’t live there. First of all, the traffic in Atlanta is just as bad as anywhere else – if not worse. Like LA, everything is so spread out, which means public transportation is just not a practical option…Second of all, I think the whole “Southern mentality” is great in small doses – just not full time. Feeling obligated to say “yes ma’am” 100% of the time when answering a question from the girl behind the check-out counter is just not who I am. I’m polite – but not “Southern polite.”


ICE - In Case of Emergency

Just read something interesting and wanted to pass along...

Vodafone believes that over 75% of people do not specify any "emergency contacts" in their cell phones. A local paramedic from England realized this as well and has since launched a program called "ICE." This program is nothing other than the desire for EVERYONE to designate someone in their cell phones as the emergency contact. Today, this can simply be done by adding a contact into your phone under the name "ICE" (including the appropriate phone number obviously). In the future, the hope is that the mobile phone companies will add a section into the phone that designates emergency contacts....

It makes sense, right? How many times have you heard people say, "you should carry a cell phone in case of emergency." The ICE contact helps to do this, but takes into account the possibility of the cell phone owner not being able to proactively dial.

Of course for this to work, the concept must be understood by all parties, including the paramedic community. So - this is my PSA ... I think it's a small thing that could go a long way.