Hotlanta on Bid-naz

Since Amy and I are both in media sales, a reciprocal aspect of our jobs is business travel. For the last 2 years, though, we have been unable to coordinate a business trip to the same place… Last week, however, we finally worked it out – and we both had meetings in Atlanta.

The standard business travel perks (i.e above average hotels, meal allowances, etc) definitely are better when I can enjoy them with Amy… We aren’t cheap-asses when we travel together outside of business, but we also don’t book a room at the Ritz on the regular, etc…

It was also nice to be able to grab a drink at the Lobby before going to bed, without feeling like I was either a big loser or an alcoholic….

Regarding the city of Atlanta, it wasn’t my first time there, although it was my first time staying for a couple of days. It seems like a city with a good mix of diversity, friendliness, and business-minded people. I could be wrong – but that was my impression. My other impression is that I couldn’t live there. First of all, the traffic in Atlanta is just as bad as anywhere else – if not worse. Like LA, everything is so spread out, which means public transportation is just not a practical option…Second of all, I think the whole “Southern mentality” is great in small doses – just not full time. Feeling obligated to say “yes ma’am” 100% of the time when answering a question from the girl behind the check-out counter is just not who I am. I’m polite – but not “Southern polite.”

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Anonymous said...

Join me in Atlanta any time! I loved being there with you.

I could never live there...just thinking about being that far from an ocean makes me uncomfortable. And I could never cheer for the Braves!

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