The Backwards Invite

About a week ago, my girlfriend was venting to me that she received a “backwards invite” to something and that it annoyed her. I listened to what she had to say – and definitely agreed with her side of things. At the same token, I’ve thought about it since and believe that it truly is a catch-22. Here’s what I mean….

For background sake, a “backwards invite” could go as follows:

B’iatch #1: So, what are you doing tonight?

Biatch #2: Going to dinner with Tanesha and Ray Ray.

B’atch #1: Oh – where are you going?

B’atch #2: Where going to John’s Pizzeria…

B’atch #1: Oh…..

B’atch #2: Why, what are you doing?

B’atch #1: I’m not sure yet … kinda wanted to do something similar to that.

B’atch#2: Well – you can come if you want to….

So what do I mean by a catch-22? Well, I understand how B’atch #1 would get annoyed. He/She pretty much had to invite themselves to hang-out with their friends…

At the same token…. (being a somewhat social individual with varying groups of friends)… I understand the quandary of B’iatch #2. Not all people get along and just because 3 different people call someone specific their friend does not mean that the group of 4 is in everyone’s best interest. This is especially true for the one “common denominator” among the group. So selfishly, why should that person have to worry about making sure that everyone gets along? In my life, I have had friends from different worlds not get along…. This certainly is not fun and extremely difficult to manage….Which will ultimately lead to either backwards invites OR no invites at all. So, what do you think? Is it better to give a half-ass invite or not give an invite at all?


Colediggy said...

While I agree that is impossible to invite everyone to everything, I'm a firm believer of the more the merrier. Sure some might not get along within the group as well as others but we are all grown adults and can suck it up for one night. I've been the middle man in an uncomfortable sandwich before and it's not fun (God that sounds sick). I wouldn't make someone get the backwards invite because I would invite them before that happened. Then again, that is just me. And when liquor becomes involved, even the worst of enemies can become the best of friends even if it's for only a few hours. However, there is the chance an brawl breaks out. Either way, good entertainment for me.

BG said...

Well, Colediggy...you are quite the "perfect friend" ... oh wait - that's right, you were also an inspiration for writing this post, as Amy and I received the backwards invite to dinner last weekend...!

Anonymous said...

BCs comment is simply out of lingering gulit!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Biatch 1 was looking for the invite, which is lame. I agree with you, sometimes dicretion is in order when a certain mood is desired for an activity.

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