Two New (and interesting) Blogs

Two good friends launched blogs recently and I wanted to promote them because I think they're both really good...
  • Greg March launched a blog about Ads, Sports and Technologies (oh - and "giggles" but I thought it was way too weenie to include in a "promotion" of sort). Greg is a very good writer, a very funny guy, and fairly insightful as well.
  • Another buddy (who desires to be anonymous) launched a 2008 NBA play-off blog. He is also a good writer (although - I never knew that until the blog) and is beyond passionate about the NBA. If there has been an NBA play-offs to follow in the last 15 years -- this year is it! Great games should be on tap for the next 2 months....and Playbyplayoffs should offer some great commentary...


Greg March said...
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Greg March said...

so I'm very good writer, a very funny guy but ONLY fairly insightful. Well ain't that a kick in yarbles. Here's the court jester, making jokes, and dribbling his food all over himself trying to string a sentence to together. I know when I am being debased. I will not be tarred and feathered in the public square without a fight. I won't stand for it sir. Will NOT.

Maybe I've been watching too much John Adams

PS. Thanks for the link, you think I'll get readers?

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