My First Surgery

I had my first ever surgery on Monday.

It was fairly minor - but given that it was my first time going to a hospital, "going under," being cut and waking up patched up - I thought it was worthy of sharing...

First - why did I need surgery? Well, some months ago - my wife noticed a golf-ball sized bump on my back. I figured it was a boxing bruise of some kind that was taking a while to heal ... After a few weeks (and having a physical therapist verify I should get it checked out) - I went to a doctor who said he was pretty sure it was Lipoma (a collection of fatty cells), but that I should go to a specialist to get further instructions.

After waiting a month to get an appointment, within 10 minutes of seeing the doctor, I pretty much had surgery scheduled to get it removed. Of course after I scheduled it - I had a million questions from everyone: (Why couldn't they just Biopsy it?, Should I get a second opinion, etc)

Basically - I was satisfied with the doctors rationale - which was:
1) The Lipoma was bigger than usual and less mobile than usual - which didn't have the doctors overly concerned - but they basically said that if I was their brother - they'd advise it come out soon.
2) I'd need to take it out regardless - Lipoma isn't overly concerning - but do I really want a golf-ball sized lump in my back? There was also a chance it burst if it stayed in...
3) I'm on the younger side - so might as well get surgery now rather than when I'm older and it's more dangerous.

So - I got it done.

Given that it was my first time - I was a little nervous - but I could intellectualize that this was an extremely minor surgery. This said, when I was being walked into the operating room - and I laid down on the cold silver slab and looked up at the bright lights, being surrounded by 6 people in blue pajamas and masks - I definitely felt "exposed" and nervous. Here I was, voluntarily putting my body up for the slicing enjoyment of people I didn't know all that well - but am forced to trust given their profession. It freaked me out for like 30 seconds - and then the IV sleep-aid kicked in.

I woke up as I was being wheeled to the "recovery" area. Nurses were very nice - but I never spoke to the actual doctor who cut me and sewed me back together (Kinda felt like a piece of meat). My wife picked me up - and I walked out of the hospital totally cognisant of my surroundings...

I've been a little sore the past few days - but for the most part I'm feeling good. I go back next week to get the "pathology" of the Lipoma and for the doc to check on the wound/stitches.
I'll keep y'all posted if anything is newsworthy...

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