Wolverines Going Dancing!

As many readers know - I am a guy who likes to dance (to the right music).

My alma mater hasn't gone "dancing" (been invited to the NCAA Tournament) since I was there. So it was great watching the selection show (online - as I took a train to Boston) - and see that Michigan is in the tournament... "We" play Clemson in round 1 - and I'm hopeful for a first round win - but even if not - it is great to finally get invited after 11 years of not.

Hats off to Coach Beilein - who only after his 2nd season got us to the dance. While Manny Harris gets a lot of the media hype - DeShawn Sims is the real engine to success for the Wolverines (Both are top 10 scoring an rebounding in the Big Ten).

I've enjoyed watching the team play this season - and they seem to rise up for big games. I'm not a fan of how Coach Beilen plays 10 in the rotation, but I guess he wants guys fresh in his 1-3-1 defensive scheme...

That's it -- had been a while since I had a Sports post and will try not and make it so long next time... GO BLUE!

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