DirectTV vs. Cable -- Need Advice

As football season approaches ... I've got an interesting decision to make.
In our new apartment - I'll be able to set-up a DirectTV satellite dish. In NYC - I've only ever known the Time Warner monopoly... I am pretty sure cost is about the same for both....

At this point - in terms of the "PRO'S" to keep Time Warner - I could only come up with a few:
  • It's done. No more appointments, etc.
  • My phone, Internet, and TV/Cable is from one provider - one bill.
  • NY1
The PRO'S to change to DirectTV:
  • NFL Package/NFL Network
  • I don't have to deal with TimeWarner
  • Tons of HD options
  • Did I mention The NFL Package?
In terms of the CON'S for Time Warner - let's just say that I've hated them for 10+ years - so we can move on...Cons for DirectTV are:
  • Internet comes from another provider and is "Satellite internet" - I'm a little sketched about it.
  • Is the DirectTV connection/service in NYC gonna be clear given all the large buildings?
  • Is Amy gonna be able to figure out the new DirectTV controls, etc? ;)
I'm looking for advice people .... Thoughts?

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Dirk said...

Cant speak for the NY experience, but I love my DirecTV

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