Snow storm record?

So apparently there was a record snow storm on Saturday. The largest snow fall in New York City history - 26.9 inches in a 24 hour period...

Was there a lot of snow? ....Yes.
Was it windy?.... Yes.
Are the streets still covered with dirty slush? .... Yes.

Did it feel like it should be considered as the larget snow storm that the city of New York has ever seen? ... NO WAY.

Granted - I didn't leave my apartment on Sunday - however - is it only me who thinks that it's the most weenie record breaking snow storm ever? (well - of all the places that regularly get snow)

Of course I'm not trying to tempt the snow storm gods into proving anything, I merely wanted to document that the effects really aren't "that" bad... (i know - I'll avoid telling that to the city workers who cleaned up the mess). I'm surviving - even with my snow boots which are a full size too big...

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