Stupid, yet common hangover prevention idea

I had bigger plans for this post, a pseudo “investigative blogging” type thing, but unfortunately almost finished with the process, my browser crashed and I lost everything. That was over a week ago and I have yet to replicate my work, however, I still wanted to get my thoughts out … So – here it is – nice and short.

It turns out that my “genius” remedy for hangovers in college (Tylenol and a big glass of water before I went to sleep) was actually a very stupid idea… Apparently, the main ingredient in Tylenol (acetaminophen) is considered extremely dangerous to one’s liver if mixed with alcohol. If you don’t believe me – just read the warning label of the actual Tylenol bottle…..

When I learned this, my first thought was – well ok – I actually think I’m more of an Advil taker due to the coating on the pills tasting like sugar… Well – I was wrong here too (and not about the sugar taste). Turns out that Advil and alcohol mixture is just as bad – but this time potentially causing Ulcers and stomach bleeding.

Now – I don’t bring this up to scare anyone from anything they’ve done in the past or the future. The warning label considers the worrisome action to be “3 or more drinks each day,.” Now I definitely don’t have 3 drinks every day (although in college this was fairly standard) – however in reading up on the topic online – it appears that several doctors/specialists warn against use after ANY heavy alcohol use….

So I don’t have any solution of trying to limit a hangover other than drinking a glass of water per drink you consume (this slows down the pace at which you drink liquor). There have also been other products in the market like “The Chaser,” but I’ve never tried that. Apparently there are a bunch of myths out there – so do whatever works for you (except be careful with the Advil and Tylenol route).

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