What makes a good Super Bowl party?

Last night Amy and I went to the Browns for SuperBowl XL. It was a great time! Definitely what I would call a Super Bowl party success. Certainly, everyone will have their own requirements for what makes a super bowl party a blast or bust - but here are mine (in no particular order):

1) Good people -- It certainly helps when good friends are in the mix, but friends of friends is cool too...As long as people have a good, festive attitude - everything seems to work out. Nobody likes mean people - especially on Super Bowl Sunday.
2) Good Food (Some of it being home-cooked) -- Obviously a holiday isn't a holiday without eating - but the little detail having home-cooked food at your superbowl party is quite under-rated. I think it adds a sense of "sophistication" or maybe just good old TLC, but there is something about it that makes is more special that way.
3) A rooting interest -- Many go to high stakes gambling, others go to office box pools, and some actually just genuinely want one of the teams to win...BUT...in order for someone to truly enjoy the day, there needs to be a rooting interest. (That is why one may here random females saying they hate the super bowl)
4) Ability to listen to commercials - During the 16 regular season weeks, I have typically gone to a sports bar to get all my NFL action at once. On Superbowl Sunday, however, I am anti-bar as a location. Working in the advertising industry, I like to be able to appreciate the creative executions in real-time (if desired). No, I didn't "Sush" anyone last night if there was a commercial I wanted to see - but luckily it was an intimate enough affair that I could listen if I wanted to. (Side note - you can see all of the Super Bowl Commercials from yesterday here)
5) Comfortable-enough seating - Now this is certainly tough, especially in NYC. BUT - it is over a 4 hour commitment to watch the Superbowl. I don't care how "easy going" I am, 4+ hours sitting on the floor ain't fun. I'm not saying that I need my own Lazy-boy with built in surround-sound (which would be cool), but my legs are too long and I am too old to sit on the floor.

I know it seems simple - but that's it. Of course things like "winning your bets," "a bunch of drunk hot girls," or "actually going to the game" can certainly IMPROVE your time, but they are not required.

Thanks to The Brown's for hosting a great Superbowl 2006 party. Looking forward to doing it again in 2007.

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