Default Elevator Conversation

I don't have a deep problem with it, but after several home and office elevator rides with neighbors or co-workers, it is clear to me that the safe 45 second time filler of choice is without question "the weather." I'm curious to know who decided this? (Matt Weiss??)

I suppose it makes sense...
  1. It's certainly a common interest among elevator occupants - as everyone is obviously witnessing the same thing.
  2. It doesn't take but 10 seconds of watching New York 1 (or any morning news program) in the morning to be up-to-date on the topic.
  3. It's a lot more comforting than, say, "Hey - how many times do you think this elevator can go up and down before it just snaps?"
Anyhow - in noticing this - I have made a conscious effort to never be the one to actually bring the topic up. (If someone bring it up - I'm versatile - I can go with it). I mostly don't bring it up because I wouldn't want to offend anyone else who has noticed this very same thing (that the weather is the default conversation with someone that you clearly have nothing else to talk about with). However, I'm also not the "weather conversation starter" as I like to buck the trend -- but again -- it's not something that totally drives me crazy. I just hope you notice it now that I've pointed it out (if you haven't already).

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