Amy Tiene un Trabajo Nuevo

This is somewhat old news, but Amy officially has a new job. (I tried waiting until the trade magazines came out with a story, but couldn’t wait any longer)

She left TV Guide Channel and now works for Telemundo. She will complete her 2nd full week of work today – so she’s still feeling the ins’ and outs’ of the new gig, but overall she’s really excited about the new opportunity.

One of the funniest aspects of her new job is the reaction people have to the news that she works at Telemundo. When I tell people that I work for Google, one of 3 responses usually take place:

  1. “Wow – that’s so cool. I love Google”
  2. When did you start there? (In other words – “are you rich”?)
  3. Oh – my website ranking stinks – can you help me?

With Amy, there is primarily one reaction (or should I say question): “Oh – so do you speak Spanish?”:….

Amy does not speak Spanish, nor does she have to in order to sell advertising. The people who she sells to are primarily based in New York. The brands that buy Spanish language television are all the same brands you would see when you watch TV. The difference is that the actual creative is geared towards US Hispanics, so it’s often in Spanish. Amy has nothing to do with the creative. Her job is to get advertisers to understand the value of reaching US Hispanics.

*The good news here, is that this market is actually the 2nd (next to, um, Internet/Search):

Congrats to Amy on her new job! I’m very proud of her as leaving a place where she was successful and considered a clear superstar is very tough to do. Felicitaciones Amy!!

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Hmmm...sounds like the first step to a relocation to South Florida.

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