Just write it down!

In New York City, one tends to find a bit more finicky restaurant ordering than say in Omaha, Nebraska… In Omaha, customers are probably more comfortable with ordering straight by numbers (with no modifications), so a waiter could probably get by with remembering “Two number 16’s, a number 3 and 2 Milwaukee’s Best Beers” …. HOWEVER…In NYC, I cannot seem to understand why ANY waiter would not write down a food order.

It has been mentioned by me in previous posts, that I do not have a problem with attempting to modify a standard menu item at a restaurant. I believe that if I’m going to be paying for something – I might as well try and get it exactly how I want it (within reason)…In my vast experience in New York city restaurants, I believe that many New Yorkers agree with me…

So back to the issue…. What is the possible advantage for a waiter NOT writing down an order? Am I going to be so impressed that he remember my order without writing it down that I suddenly realize that I should leave a 100% tip rather than 20%?? I don’t get it! For me, the anxiety of the waiter not writing anything down (even IF he/she doesn’t mess it up) makes me want to leave less of a tip…

Yesterday, I ordered an egg white omelet with tomato and feta (my standard), with fruit instead of French fries…. The waiter brought me a regular egg-in omelet with tomato and feta, with fruit… When I told him that I ordered egg whites, his response was, “You did? I remembered the feta and tomato” … Again … AS IF I AM SUPPOSED TO BE IMPRESSED?”

The strong aggravation is that I just do not see the downside….Similar to repeating the order before the waiter leaves the table… Yes, it takes more time, but I don’t have a problem with it….

My frustration with this has caused me to try and adopt a new practice….. For any waiter that does not write down my order (even if they get it right), I am automatically going to leave 15% gratuity….(versus the standard 20% I usually leave)…. We will see how this goes – but in case you haven’t been able to tell … I really don’t like it when waiters do not write down my order….

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You're just a hater :). Oh dear friend.

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