Kobe's 81

For those of you who either live under a rock or don't like sports - Kobe Bryant scored 81 points in a basketball game on Sunday.

For a frame of reference....
  • After Wilt Chamberlins 100 point performance in 1962, this is the largest point total in league history.
  • My favorite player, Dwayne Wade (currently ranked 6th in the NBA in Scoring per Game) averages less than ONE-THIRD of 81 points (26.8 PPG)
  • Michael Jordan's highest scoring total was 69 points, and he need Overtime to do that.
Kobe has obviously had some high highs and low lows in his career.... let's just leave this as a top 3 accomplishment for him to date.

One of the coolest things near and dear to me is the ability to purchase the video for this game of Kobe scoring 81 points though Google Video. I have already purchased it - it's very easy. Check it out.

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