I spent all of last week in California – the home of the Governator… The first half of the week I was in San Francisco for the company Global Sales Meeting… Like all sales meetings of fairly large organizations, it was a full day (7:30 AM till midnight most days) of power point presentations, the occasion motivation speaker/team building, and a slew of pleasantries with people you see once a year. My cue to leave a conversation with random business associate XYZ is usually after “the three questions” (of some variety) have been asked:

  1. When did you get in?
  2. How was the flight?
  3. When are you leaving?

I’ll leave the analysis of these 3 useless questions for some other time – but couldn't help to point this out. I do, certainly, have people who I enjoy speaking with at these events – and this fact does not apply to everyone – it is more of a general random aspect among people who know nothing about one another, other that the work for the same company…

Anyhow, downtown San Fran is a lot scummier than the city would like to publicize. Not only does it have an abandon-type feel, but I found it difficult to walk a block without running into some kind of begger, bum, crazy person or all of the above. I guess it's not a horrible idea for them - as SF is certainly not a cheap city. Additionally, it’s a big misconception that San Francisco has “California-type” weather. It was dreary and cold during my entire stay. Luckily, I rarely had to go outside, but even in the short while I couldn’t help but notice that I would not want to live in downtown San Francisco.

I enjoyed the second half of the week in Calfornia much more…I met Amy in LA where she was having her sales meeting. Not only was I able to spend some quality time with family that I don’t see too often, but Amy and I were able to enjoy the beach, leisure, and atmosphere that makes Santa Monica such a desirable place. The weather was great – although a bit chilly at night. I can certainly see myself going back there many more times in my life, although, I’m not sure I want to live their full time. The whole aura of that town revolves around famous people and aesthetics. (on the flip side – the whole aura of NY revolves around business and money – so I’m not sure which is better) Amy and I were both big fans of The Coffee Bean, which I wish would make it’s way east.

Speaking of that … I just read that Trader Joe’s is coming to Union Square in New York!

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll be a bit jet-lagged this week - however – I think it was worth it. Amy and I had a great time, relaxing, and seeing friends and family over on the Left Coast….

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I'm totally with you on the SF observation. The first time I ever went there I was like, "Is it just me, or are there a shitload of homeless people here?"

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