Is this the start?

Below - you will see a video that I was obsessed with for about 10 minutes. I watched the 13 second clip probably 7 times, and then immediately had to show someone else. (and by someone else, I mean anyone within 10 feet of me or on my Google Talk or AIM buddy list).

And then it got me thinking... Does Google Video empower people (read as: stupid kids) to suddenly be more likely to try Jackass-type stunts? Are we going to start seeing the "3:00 - by the bike rack" events by the droves? The truth is -- all they need is a video camera and the internet. The cost of being published is suddenly beyond minimal...

So - the answer to these questions are unfortunately "yes."

Do I blame Google? No - because if Google didn't do it, someone else like YouTube or Yahoo would provide the ability to post video online and make it available to the world. All it means to be is that parents have a much more important job and responsibility to lead by example. Great job of exemplifying this by the woman in this video - huh? I guess we should stay tuned...

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Anonymous said...

looks like a 9 second clip, not a 13 second clip...buddy wilcox

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