March Madness - Great.... Final Four - A bore

Don't really have so much more to say other than the title... (but - I will try)

March Madness is great - and I don't know why College Football doesn't realize how much better they could make their sport

This is the first time in a long while where I didn't win any of my various pools I enter. I feel like NCAA Madness luck goes in waves. Some years you have it -- some years you don't... This year - I definitely didn't have it. (Although I will say, my buddy Salis did -- he had UCLA going to the Finals and George Mason going to the Great Eight)

I don't think it was only me -- but I felt like the Championship this year was extremely anti-climatic. CBS was banking on a George Mason (underdog) and LSU (heart warming Katrina victim story), but go the exact opposite...I read a headline yesterday (mind you - the day after the Championship game) that said "Florida to be tough in 2007." I mean ... not even 1 day to enjoy the accomplishment? I guess that the Final Four games were so bad ... people are just trying to forget the event as a whole.

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