Miami Heat: Going into crunch time

I went to the Heat-Piston game last Thursday night…

As a life-long Heat fan, I came away a bit frustrated. Yes – it became more than clear that night that the Pistons are without a doubt a better team than the Heat. However, this is not what made me flat-out mad. The leading cause of this feeling is a man by the name of Antoine Walker. With the Heat depleted with injuries (Posey, J-Will, and Zo), there is a need for our other role players to earn their money…. As I told my buddy Chubby at halftime of the game … I very much want to like Twon, but I just cannot find ONE value-add that he brings to the team. He’s a horrible defender, he forces bad shots, he never makes clutch shots, he whines to the refs constantly…. (I could go on). And I am not the only person who feels this way … If you read the local press or attend a heat home game, you will see that almost every South Florida sports fan agrees with me. I don’t understand why Riley defends this guy …

So going into the stretch run – I’m a believer, but also realistic. If the Heat cannot find a 3rd option on offense, I don’t see us beating New Jersey in the 2nd round. If Gary Payton or Jason Williams can miraculously wake up come play-off time … then I you never know… In the meantime, I’m begging Pat Riley to bench Antoine Walker at any cost!

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