I'm in Orlando for the next few days to speak on behalf of Google at an online marketing conference.

On my drive from the airport to the hotel, I thought of the perfect ad slogan for this city... "Vegas for 10 year-olds." Instead of casino after casino, it is rides and attractions after rides and attractions. Instead of fancy, high-end restaurants, you have touristy-kitch chains that are family-oriented (Hard Rock, etc) Instead of extravagant shows and entertainers -- you have cartoon and 3-D attractions... (oh - and everything has a good-old fashion line)

In high school, I probably drove up to Orlando a handful of times. Maybe it's because I stayed at the cheapest hotel room that could fit 9 of us, but I really don't remember anything as built up as it is now.

While here, I was able to see my step-sister, Risa, who is going to school here (at UCF) for hospitality management. She's perfect for the profession -- and from what I can tell from this city -- it is the perfect city to learn the craft.

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