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Yesterday, Google announced the launch of it's Google Calendar for users.

I have been beta-testing the product over the last few months, but I am much more excited about it now that it's been released to the public. Why? Well, there are some very cool features that aren't truly realized until you can have friends/family on board.

Here are some cool things you can do with it:
1) Sharing your calendar. As long as Amy and I keep our calendars up to date, we no longer have to wait to talk to the other to see if we're free one night for a double-date (as an example). As long as we share calendars, her events will show up on my public calendar and vice/versa.
2) Google will email OR text your cell phone if you want it to remind you of events. So...If it's someone's birthday, and I'm out of the office -- Google will text me to remind me.
3) You can search for and import public calendars. Meaning... Not only can you share public calendars with friends and family, but... (once the concept is rolled out to the masses), I can add specific things like Miami Heat games or TV Show viewing directly to my calendar. Right now, I have US and Jewish Holidays listed.
4) You can have things like Birthdays repeat every year. This is nothing new, but I don't use a calendar function that does this. So...if I do miss your birthday this year, I am much less likely to miss it next year. ;)

I'm sure there are a lot of cool things that are added on. As usual, just wanted to educate you all on cool Google features as soon as they are available. Enjoy.

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I think I need more Google in my life.

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