Move B*tch, Get Out the way!

Pet peeve #11: When boarding an airplane, there is a very distinct protocol... The first people to board are either "people who need extra assistance," "First-class passengers," or "Elite status frequent fliers"... From there, airlines typically board from the rear of the plane. VERY BASIC!

So why do people who are clearly sitting in the front of the airplane (but not first-class) feel obligated to stand in front of the gate entrance waiting for their rows to be called... It's like the announcer will suddenly get confused with their night-job as a BINGO-caller and start calling out random seat numbers: 11B! 7A! Everyone knows approximately when your row will be called.

So - as the title of this blog states - MOVE BITCH - Get out the way! Wait your turn and stop making it difficult for me and every other passenger on the plane to get our over-sized roller-bags onto the plane before you do... Thank you!

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't have said it better! Especially since I feel that people who can't keep up with the pace if NYC should have a special lane on the sidewalk so that us city people can get where we are going as fast as possible.

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