Yesterday was very tough for me… There were 16 NCAA Tournament games going on (starting at NOON and continuing into the wee hours of the morning) on a THURSDAY. Today – I will go through the same torture… Having to work, while this event is going on is more tortuous then some of the worst stressful days on the typical job….

Thought: You know how most companies have the “2 religious holidays rule” (although most companies don’t promote this) where you are allowed to take 2 days off for religious holidays not included in the typical schedule (in addition to the typical allotted vacation and personal days)... Well, can’t these 2 days go towards that…? I have the same energy towards my work today – as I would had I come into work on the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur, where we fast until sundown….

I guess if I was REALLY passionate about it I could take 2 of my “personal days” allotted, however, this year that’s not an option…. I’m off all next week – going on a cruise with my family and Amy. So I guess … who I’m I to complain … Peace. I’m out until next week.

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