Happy Green Day

...and no, I'm not talking about the band....
I'm talking about the aspect of American culture that has us associate almost every holiday with a color... Whether it's wearing red on Valentine's Day or decorating your house Red, White, and Blue on July 4th, etc. I am all for being festive - but I can't help but think that the ancestors involved in these original days of celebration (or despair) would be satisfied in knowing that the mainstream method of acknowledging this day is by associating it with a color and dressing accordingly. I have no clue as to who "Saint Patrick" was or why we celebrate him - but I do know that I would be doing the socially expected thing by wearing green (and drinking Green beer) on this day in particular. (If anyone knows the real background here - please post a comment)

What I find a bit annoying is when I have co-workers who are far from Irish - approach me today and say "where's your green?" (as if they're disappointed) Again - I'm all for being festive, but don't try and make me feel guilty because all of my green button-downs were dirty...Besides, I'm saving up my "festiveness" for Halloween 2005 (BC are you wit me?)

So that being said - Happy Green Day. Holla!

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