The Sterns Leave Manhattan

Last week - Fred, Jill, and Sydney officially moved to Florida. Beyond having family, good weather and a need for a change of scenery -- Fred also had a great career opportunity at his company.

Amy and I are obviously sad as we're going to miss them. It goes without saying that we're gonna miss Syd Stern the most - but that's not a bash on Jill or Fred. We can keep in touch with them via phone, email, etc -- but even as advanced as she is -- Syd has yet to develop the capability of keeping in touch (Jill - please work on this).

As a house warming/going away present -- Amy and I are going to buy the Sterns a webcam. It will certainly not be the same -- but hopefully we'll be able to see Syd's smile every once in a while.

With Jill and Fred moving down -- we need to add another group of people we'll want to see when down in Florida. (which at this point if you add up everyone - and exclude beach time - we definitely exceed the typical 50+ hours in a weekend time-frame) Yea-Yea, I know ... Amy and I should move down there ... I'll just say that we're happy how things are now and are focused on that.

Enjoy The Sunshine State Jill, Fred, and Syd. The Goffins will miss you.

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