_______ On Steroids

I think in the last week I've read 3 quotes in business magazines along with a few mentions during business meetings that "something" could be "something else on steroids." This has begun to irritate me.

Here is why... If a new technology, for example, would help facilitate "online advertising on steroids," does that mean that the new technology would help make online advertising look strong, but truly be bad for it's health and well-being?

I obviously don't think that's the intention. Clearly people mean to use the phrase as a way to express ultimate improvement on something. So - why can't they just say this? I'm a big fan of the word "Innovate." It extremely positive and good for society, as well as fits with the desired description. "The new technology would really help innovate online advertising." SO much better.

Perhaps the term was developed in the 1980's when steroids were seen as cool ... but terms and fashions evolve. So just as cigarette packs rolled up in t-shirt sleeves or terms like groovy and rad .... I'm proposing that we stop using the description of "steroids" in a positive way.

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