2007 NBA Regular Season Rap-up

Tonight marks the final night of the 2007 NBA Regular Season. Although the NFL has surpassed the NBA as my favorite sport to be a fan of -- I think I'm one of about 16 people who still like the NBA (including the Sports Guy). However, even as an NBA fan, I did find this past regular season disappointing.

Part of this was that my team, the Miami Heat, pretty much announced at the start of the year that they weren't going to really try until the play-offs. This plan was a bit foiled when D.Wade went out for 20+ games, so they had to try a little while he was gone. Props to Jason Kapono who had the best year of his career - and had a huge part of keeping the Heat afloat while the regulars were on cruise control...

Anyhow - some more reasons why I was disappointed about the NBA this year:
  • How did the Detroit Pistons get Chris Webber? Oh yea - He just didn't want to play for the losing Sixers anymore so they cut him and he was able to sign with whoever he wanted. Huh?
  • Lebron took notes from Shaq and decided to coast for about 50 games.
  • I can't remember the last time the rookie class was this bad. Anyone who wins the Rookie of the Year honors is by default.
  • This entire Tanking situation is out of control. There needs to be a fix and I do believe that D. Stern will make it happen.
  • Speaking of D. Stern -- He took Mark Cuban out character. This season Mark was very very quiet.
  • The West is still Varsity and the East is still JV. Last year the JV squad upset the Varsity, but that's just because they had the best JV phenom who was waiting for his spot and took it.
Not all was bad, though. Some things that are good:
  • The Phoenix Suns are fun to watch - especially when they play the Mavs
  • David Stern actually took the players side in the Joey Crawford ordeal
  • Kobe being so good.... but Phil and the Lakers being so bad...
  • Props to Sam Mitchell and the Toronto Raptors. Sam deserves coach of the year in my opinion given the fact that everyone expected them to be in the Oden/Durant sweepstakes, but instead they've got home court in the first round.
  • My "I took and extra step up in 2007" team:
    • Chris Bosh, Carlos Boozer, E. Curry, Gil Arenas, T-Mac,
Going into the post-season - I will obviously be passionately rooting for the Heat. I didn't expect them to win last year - and I don't expect them to win it all (again) this year. I'm hoping for some upsets, especially in the west. I'd love to see Houston or Utah come out of that group - although I wouldn't bet on it.

Finally, if you're looking for a reason to watch the NBA play-offs -- check out the NP3 later this week. It's a pool my buddy runs....

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