My Idol-Less Rationale

Can 35 Million Americans all be wrong? Probably not, but I just can'’t get into The American Idol Craze with everyone else. (and I'’ve definitely tried!)

It is the most popular TV show in the country and a major pop culture topic, which makes the fact that I do not watch almost a social hindrance. I recognize that I'm clearly in the minority.

This being said, I thought I would try and explain why I, personally, have not been able to get into the show. I want to be clear, though, that I do not intend to bash the show and call 95% of my fiends and family "“crazy" for watching.

Reason #1 --– The Format

- Being in the advertising business, I understand the concept of creating content that keeps an audience tuned in for the full 30, 60, or 90 minutes. This said, I cannot stand the format of the show. 10 minute review of what happened last week, followed by some BS clip of each contestant, a song, some banter with Seacrest, the phone number numerous times, then commercial. The format just doesn't grab me - even with the ability of a DVR.

Reason #2 -- The Judges

"Yo dawg, yo dawg .... Dawg... lemme tell you something dawg... I like your style" Gosh - it drives me nuts.... Randy Jackson is just a loser ..... Paula likes everyone and is just all-around strange (although the fact that she hooks up with contestants definitely ups her value in my book) and Simon clearly revels in the fact that he's an asshole. It's time to get new judges!! On the rare times that I've actually watched the show - I think I've changed channels 90% of the time when it's their turn to speak.

Reason #3 -- I am a bit of a music snob...

Meaning - I have limited knowledge or ability to relate with a lot of the songs that are sung. I like hip-hop and R&B music - mostly after 1995 - so it's rare that contestants are picking songs that I've actually proactively listened to more than a few times. Additionally, the guest artists that come on during the season are no doubt music icons - but very few are often in my personal "top 100 artists of all time" list

That's about it. Again - as the 5th season is officially completed - I still have yet to watch a good portion of one complete season. Maybe next year I'll have to try something else (like betting on contestant futures or something like that) (Sadly enough - I did enter into a small fantasy type American Idol pool with friends a few years ago -- but The Malester found a way to rig it like she does all the pools she runs...If someone has a good idea for next season -- let me know)


Anonymous said...

I'm with ya, son. Can't understand the facination either, and I like most music from the 40's on... How nausiating and scary is that admission! Mom

Anonymous said...

did you just use the word "gosh"?

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