No Sports Day

I believe that July 11th and yesterday, July 13th, were supposed to be the two days of the year, where there is no activity within the 4 major sports* (and sorry Bryan Spellberg - the Tour de France does not count as a major sport). This year, obviously, is a bit different as the NHL is non-existant. Ironically, on this day of no sports, Hockey has finally agreed to come to terms and agree to have a season in the fall. (Foreshadow to a future post: Why the NHL is stupid).

Anyway, I seemed to have survived the 2 days without sports just fine, but did find myself watching 3 hours of batting practice and the same commercials over and over again on Monday. The Home Run Derby is smart in practice, but I'm over it. The funny thing is that to fill the sports void the past 3 days, I have found myself talking more fantasy football with my friends ... I have to slow down and not get too excited, though. There still is 54 days until the BigTime Fantasy League draft...

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BG said...

I thought I would clarify ... I 100% respect every participant in the sport of cycling and by no means wanted to imply that those folks aren't athletes ... in fact, I'd argue that they are more "athletic" than most pro athletes ESPECIALLY baseball players ... Furthmore, Lance is an amazing news story for all the reasons that we know, especially given his "farewell> This being said, my opinion stands. Saying cycling is one of the "major sports" is like saying the WB is one of the 4 major networks... You feel me?

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