The 2016 Dwyane Wade Dilemma

As the 4 people who read this blog know....  I'm a Miami Heat Lifer as much as anyone who's ever been one. It is and always will be my favorite sports team and Mr. Dwyane Wade will likely always be my favorite player.  He brought us our first Championship and one cannot imagine a more franchise definition of South Florida, rivaling Mr. Dan Marino for sure.

Given all this - one would think I'd have to take the day off from work today given the news and status of the Heat-Wade relationship at the moment.  And yes - I would be really SAD if what is being discussed actually happened (him leaving for Denver or something like that), but I'm not sure I'd be MAD as it's truly a dilemma for the franchise. 

I believe in the Heat management and organization at large and within this - I'm not blinded by loyalty.  So - here's a PRO/CON list to help communicate what I believe is a true tough decision (as was the Whiteside signing - but that choice was made already). 

- Wade is the Miami Heat franchise - he deserves whatever he wants and defines the culture of #HeatLifers
- Wade was great last year and was the clutch reason the team got out of the first round of the play-offs
 - He has proven to attract fellow stars and sell Miami and the Heat organization

- He's clearly on the latter parts of the back 9 of his career (I'd say the back 4)
- He's a ball-stopper and he's a crutch for the team at-times.  The team played at it's worst last season when they just sat around and waited for D.Wade (or Joe Johnson) to do his thing.
- Paying him what he wants is likely to stifle the next 3-5 years of the franchise -- and there are truly some pieces in place particularly with Whiteside, Winslow and J. Richardson that are reason to balk beyond the current offer.

I've tried to put it in business terms I can relate to.  I work at Google and if another digital media/tech company came to me with a contract at a 30% pay increase for the next 3 years - I would certainly listen - yet I'd also weigh other factors in my decision making (the opportunity to learn/grow, etc.). While Wade may take more money for the next 3 years... he'd be cutting off roles in the Heat front office, etc - that I'm sure await him should he want that.  Just some things for him to ponder - and I won't be MAD at him with whatever decision he makes - although I may be sad.   I'm not sure how I'll feel if we over-pay him - but again - I gotta have trust in the franchise and as a HeatLifer that's what I'll do.

Nothing but love and respect for D.Wade - where-ever the decision may net out. 

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