So Long Land Line

I could be the last person of my generation I know of to do this, but today I finally convinced my wife to say good-bye to our monthly financial payment for having a "home phone number."

While I've been pushing to stop throwing away money every month on this - I understand the hesitancy.
  • She's had the same number for 20 years.  It's old habit and once you say good-bye - it's gone.
  • "What happens during a black-out or like emergency"?  Well... this week our cable/internet service went down in our apartment - and it was a reminder to me that in such "hopeful to never happen" moments -- the "land lines" aren't that anymore.  They are run by cable companies and need electricity to run and so these, too, would not work in these situations.
According to my service provider we spent 9 minutes on the phone in the last 60 days - which btw sounded HIGH to me.  When she told me that included incoming calls - it made more sense given telemarketer activity.

So - If you have my home phone number associated with me in some way (phone, contacts, etc), feel free to delete that bad boy.  The Goffins are officially solely in the mobile era FINALLY.

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