My Favorite Collective Meal

In my head, I often play the "if I didn't live in NYC where would I make sure I ate if I visited" game.
Having just come back from only my second time at Brooklyn Bowl, I can't say that I would add it to that rotation -- but -- I have started a new list in my head which is to create a "perfect meal" list... Obviously this will change over time (I probably would have put something from Macaroni Grill on the list 25 years ago), but thought I should document my thoughts.

So -- here is my perfect meal if I could craft it together:

Drinks from Angelo & Maxie's (RIP) - the drinks I drink pretty much taste the same everywhere (bourbon on the rocks with a splash of ginger ale) -- but there was always something about the drinks at Angelo & Maxie's that made me want to keep ordering them.

- French Onion Soup Dumplings from Stanton Social
- Baked Crab Roll from KOI
- Crispy Rice Tuna from Nobu or Tao
- Spinach Artichoke Dip from Houston's (respect)

- Stone Crabs from Joe's in Miami (with that crack mustard sauce)
- Fried Chicken from Brooklyn Bowl (Blue Ribbon)
- Cheeseburger from Houston's (respect)

- Mini donuts from Stanton Social (?)  Kinda struggled with this one -- not really a desert freak.

So - what did I miss??

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