Feeling Old from a Radio Station

Most people feel old as it relates to music when they start saying things like "artists today aren't half as talented as they were when I was growing up" or things like that.

I had an "I'm old moment" with music yesterday but it didn't have to do with this.

While I was driving in my car in a city I don't live in -- I found a station that I loved.  Turns out - the station was branded as "The Throwback Station" and turns out this is common across the country and on streaming services, etc.

I guess it's the same as when I was younger when there were "80's" stations or much like "Classic Rock" became a subcategory of "rock" music -- "Throwbacks" have become a sub-category of "Rap/Hip-Hop." 

I used to think that throwbacks were specific to Hip-Hop hits from the late 80s/early 90s -- but there's a "Throwback" station on Spotify that's only the early 2000s - and that's a "woah" (shot out to Black Rob).

Assuming I'm not alone -- but I'll embrace the Throwback station movement (and the concept of getting old).

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