It's 2009 - Do I need a "home phone"?

I have 4 Phone Numbers:

  • My Cell Phone (primary)
  • My Apartment
  • My Office
  • My Blackberry (Think of it as "work mobile")
If I was to breakdown my overall usage by number I'd have to say:
  • Call Phone - 75%
  • Home - 10%
  • Work - 14%
  • Blackberry - 1%
If I was to breakdown the cost of my phone bills (considering I don't pay for my business calls directly), I'd say:
  • Cell Phone (which is also an internet device, mapping service, video iPod, gaming device, etc) 60%
  • Home Phone (which provides me with - um - a phone) - 40%
Yes - Something is wrong with this....

I have (and pay for) a home phone for mental state of mind ... "Just in case" my cell phone service is down, or there is a black-out like there was in August 2003, or if I lose my cell phone (you get the picture)... 

I listen to my Cell phone voicemail everyday.  I listen to my home messages maybe once a week (the avg number of messages waiting for me is 4)...

I have one home phone in my house - and yes - I've left it off the charger a few times and had to use my cell phone at home ... I lived ...

In my current cell phone plan, I end up with PLENTY of minutes to spare at the end of the month....

On the flip side - if I get rid of my home phone - what number are the tele-marketers going to call during dinner time or Saturday mornings?? (Is this worth the monthly expense???)

I've tried Vonage in the past - but it was way too much of a pain in the ass - and had spotty service.  I'd rather pay the $15 extra if I'm gonna spend the money in the first place ...

It's 2009 - I'm guessing that most of my loyal readers are more sophisticated than I and don't bother having home phones ... I left a poll on the right hand side -- please enlighten me.
Thank you.

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Kara said...

lol that your poll is currently 50/50. I chose "no" that i do not need a home phone. however - i have had that phone number for 10 years and i think that's why i hold on???

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