Top TV Shows in the last 5 years

My previous post on How I Met Your Mother has sparked some further conversations with friends (which is the part of the blog I love the most). Most of the conversations were agreeing with me on how great of a show HIMYM is (although - interesting point from Ryan who once lived in NYC and now lives in Michigan saying that none of his friends in Michigan appreciate it like he does cuz they've never lived in NYC).

The other conversations I've had were about the "what else?" What other shows would I suggest?

Below is a lost of top 20 shows on DVD that I'll recommend. With my work travel schedule and Netflix - I'm able to watch more shows than most (and I love TV). This said, I obviously don't watch every show (example - I've never seen any of the CSI/SVU stuff) - and my sense of humor definitely isn't the same as everyones' (example - The Office won't be making the top 20 below). I've excluded Reality Shows - and because I'm a man who doesn't appreciate Gossip Girl, The OC, etc - I've only included one "soap opera" on the list below...

The Top 20 TV Programs I've watched in the last 5 years and would recommend on DVD:
20) Rescue Me (60 min - Dramady)
19) Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (60 min - Dramady) - No idea how this only made it one season
18) Breaking Bad - (60 min - Drama - on AMC ;)
17) Two and a Half men (30 min - Comedy)
16) Weeds (60 min - Dramady)
15) Grey's Anatomy (60 min - Soap Opera)
14) Prison Break (60 min - Drama)
13) Heroes (60 min - Drama)
12) Californication (30 min - Dramady)
11) Dexter (60 min - Drama)
10) Entourage (30 min - Comedy)
9) Scrubs (30 min - Comedy)
8) Alias (60 min - Action)
7) Lost (60 min - Action)
6) Mad Men (60 min - Drama)
5) 30 Rock (30 min - Comedy)
4) Friday Night Lights (60 min - Drama)
3) The Wire (60 min - Drama)
2) 24 (60 min - Action)
1) How I Met Your Mother (30 min - Comedy)

So - that's my top 20. I'm sure I've left some shows off - either because there are a lot more than 20 great shows out there or because I've never watched it. So ... I'd love to hear which shows you think should be on the list or which of the above should not be...


Anonymous said...

Breaking Bad premieres Sunday, March 8th on AMC (Time Warner ch. 54) at 10p.

Season 2 is getting rave reviews, make sure you check it out!

Greg March said...

That guy Anonymous is a spam commenter and needs to be pulled down.

BTW... I'm so excited for Castle, The Unsusuals, and Cupid on ABC this spring!!!

Ashley said...

Criminal minds, army wives, drop dead diva, desperate housewives, accidentally on purpose, leverage, castle, dexter, ncis, ncis: los angeles, and mercy are amoung the shows i was religiously. all very good.. and recommended

Anonymous said...

DEadwood? Rome? Sopranos? Anyone this this list is utter crap? How I Met Your mother is Better than those shows? Holy Christ what crap for taste.

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