I am pretty cynical when it comes to my consumer experiences within the medical profession. I get frustrated with the inflexibility of appointment times, the often cold experience with trying new doctors blindly (that these days automatically result in a slew of tests/additional appointments for no truly justified reason), and several other factors ... BUT ... Someone at work just told me of a very cool tool that I wanted to pass along.

I haven't used it yet - but played around quickly earlier today: ZocDoc seems to be an "OpenTable for Doctors and Dentists" ... (it's limited to NY only at this point - but that's how OpenTable started too...)

It offers available appointment times, the ability to filter by specialty and insurance accepted. It also offers reviews (overall, bedside manner, & wait time) - which I think could be really interesting if used at greater scale.

That's it -- just thought I'd share something I thought was pretty cool.

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