An Airplane Seat First

Amy and I used to book airplane seats next to each other, but recently have been trying to "beat the system" by booking the aisle and window in the same row/side. Out of the first five times we tried this - we had 100% success-rate of not having someone sit in the middle of us.

On the flight back from Florida this past Saturday, however, our plan was unsuccessful.
Normally, this really isn't a big deal. We just do what we normally would have done - and I (most likely) would sit in the middle and Amy would sit by the window (our preferred seat). We assume this because - let's face it - who wouldn't trade a middle seat for the aisle seat??

The answer to that question is ... A complete asshole. And to our unfortunate luck this one time - we encountered the BIGGEST asshole of them all on Saturday night in Seat 12D on Jetblue Flight 382. (Would LOVE to find this guys name to publish his ass-hole-ness to the public).

Here's what went down:
Amy: Excuse me sir - would you mind switching seats with my husband so we can sit next to each other - he's in the aisle.
Asshole in 12D: (pause) I'll take the Window
Amy: Excuse me?
Asshole in 12D: I said - I'll take the Window
Amy: Um - I didn't offer you the Window.... Are you saying that you won't switch with my husband?
Asshole in 12D: I'm saying I want the Window
Amy/I: So you're saying you'd rather the middle seat than the aisle?
Asshole: I'm saying I want the Window.
Amy (obviously beyond frustrated at this point): Well that's not gonna happen....

So - Yes - because we were all stubborn (and the asshole approached the conversation as a negotiation rather than like a normal person) - we flew the 2 hour and 20 minute flight with Amy seated at the Window, Asshole in the middle, and me in the aisle.
Amy and I tried talking over him for the first few minutes of the flight to annoy him - but - given my adverse feelings towards conflict in general, we decided to do what we normally would have done - and just watch TV the whole flight.

It was uncomfortable, annoying, and definitely a "first" that I don't want to experience again... This said, I don't think I would have done anything differently other than maybe phrasing/approaching the original request a little differently...

I still plan on booking the window and aisle for Amy and I moving forward - let's just hope that we don't fly the "asshole skies" rather than the "Friendly skies" again...


Greg March said...

Brilliant scheme, acceptable risk. I would've just significantly raised the bar on the irritation tactics applied to middle seat guy in really horrible (nearly unacceptable) ways.

Peonsafari said...

I agree with the "asshole". Your own asshole plan backfired. You sat in the seats you booked..no use in complaining about it.

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