Our First Anniversary Trip

This past Sunday (February 10) was Amy and my 1st wedding anniversary. To celebrate, we planned a short 4 day vacation. As I've mentioned to many people in the past -- there is a difference between vacation travel and vacation vacation. The purpose of this trip was the latter -- which to Amy and I means: Be as lazy as possible on a beach, eat whatever you want, and feel like you're being pampered a little bit...

We originally thought of somewhere like Aruba -- but with a single trip to Liberty Travel -- we were convinced to instead book an all-inclusive resort in the Mexican Riviera. By recommendation of the travel agent (and looking at the options) -- we opted for the Excellence Resort, which is about 20 minutes from the Cancun airport.

I'll summarize by saying that Amy and I were VERY happy with our decision, as we had a really great vacation.

It was our first "all-inclusive" experience, which I must admit I was a bit skeptical of. I mean - I just couldn't fathom ordering as many Jack and Ginger-ales that I wanted -- without some kind of charge ... Turns out - that it's legit (at least the resort we went to). I'm sure there are Club Med type places that advertise all-inclusive, but have some hidden annoying stipulations or subsidize the cost with horrible food and service. The Excellence had great service and more than acceptable food quality (it exceeded expectations for sure -- but not willing to say it was amazing - but again - as to be expected). The rooms were very nice (inclusive of all-you-can-eat mini-bar and room service) and all come with an outdoor jacuzzi.

Amy, in particular, couldn't believe how nice the staff was - and it's true. We really felt like we could have been at a Four Seasons resort. We had servers come up to us at least every 15 minutes asking "Would you like something to drink?"...

The beach set-up was also really nice - especially the several 2 person beds placed right on the sand. I made it a point to take a little 5:00 nappy-nap everyday on them...The sand itself was really soft, but the ocean floor was way too rocky to enjoy...But... we were fine walking 10 steps the other way to use the pool to cool off.

All-in-all, I think Amy and my first anniversary vacation represented what I believe our first year of marriage represented as well: An overall amazing experience that Amy and I both genuinely appreciate and never want to end.

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