“Have you seen ______ yet?”

As many of you already now, I’m a bit un-orthodox when it comes to knowing any details or insight about a TV show or Movie that I am interested in.

Moving forward, this is why I implore all of you to ask a simple question before you send a text or talk to someone about a certain program or movie: “Have you seen ____ yet?” This will work much better than me shouting “I haven’t watched 24 yet!!” as my first words into the phone greeting…

Speaking of 24….. Tonight I am flying to California during the 24 Season Finale. I really do not want to avoid my friends calls and texts altogether, but I fear I must. I don’t feel that all of my friends have grasped the concept of not always watching shows when everyone else does. (and thus possibly ruining the show before I see it). Not everyone falls under this classification, though, as I have seen great progress over the years as the DVR becomes more mainstream. There are a number of friends who fully comply with the rules of TV conversation engagement (Jared Margulies comes to mind).

This being said, I feel compelled to remind you all again that I will be on the plane (and not JetBlue) during the 24 season finale. Please do not talk to me about 24 until at the earliest later this week.

Thank you.

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The Chub Rock said...

TOTALLY FEEL YOU. My feelings were EXACTLY the same during Game 1 of Heat/Pistons. I had a softfball game that i wanted to play in, knowing that I could DVR the game and watch it. But without fail, texting (especially) and calls/emails make it nearly impossible to not know the outcome.

AND.. I also had to speak with my insurance company the other day and had to punch in all my info only to have to repeat it verbally. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

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